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Premier Fluid Systems Inc. is in the business of marketing and servicing the pumps and systems of Travaini, PVR-Rotant and other quality brand names. The company's product line includes: Single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps, Two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps, hot oil pumps, Liquid ring compressors, Rotary vane vacuum pumps, single stage centrifugal pumps, multi-stage centrifugal pumps, multistage self-priming pumps, full engineered vacuum systems and compressors.

The Company has become highly successful in servicing all types of pump makes over the years as well. This is the result of an organizational focus and marketing drive concerned with adaptability, superior customer service and complete know-how of liquid handling and vacuum technology. The Company has progressed and grown since its inception in 1985 to market and service pumps and systems for a variety of industries. Some of these industries include: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, printing and paper converting, food and meat processing, plastics, automotive, wood working, electronics, soil remediation, vapor recovery, drainage, and sterilization.

The headquarters is located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and stocks vast inventory of finished pumps and pump parts. Premier Fluid Systems fabricates or locally procures all ancillary components such as base plates, d...

ISO Certification
Each pump is constructed, tested and checked under ISO standards including 2858, 5199 & 9001:2008.

Technical Data
If you are experiencing some problems or have any concerns with your vacuum...

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Travaini Vacuum Pumps TRVX 1003, 1005 & 1007
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TRVX Series 250 - 320
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We have tried other pumps but have found them to be less efficient and less effective. Travaini pumps are our pump of choice because of their consi... - Don Kennedy

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