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All seems to be running well, no problems. Replacement pump was needed, we had it in 2 days. Repaired our pump in 1 week. Fast service, fast problem solving, great customer service
A. Giuliani

Vacuum Oils

High Qualtiy mineral and synthetic vacuum oils are available in stock and cost effective for new systems or servicing of existing systems.   Various viscosities such as ISO 32, 40, 68 and 100 are included.  Please check your operating manual for the proper vacuum oil needed and how to maitain the system using the oils.    If you are not sure contact us immediately for consultation. When choosing a different vacuum oil or compressor oil supplier, it is recommended to make a full oil change to your vacuum pumps system to avoid mixing. Checking various levels of vacuum oil is vital in sytem maitenance.  After 50 hours of operation an oil check should be done with cleaning of any strainers and assuring there are no leakages in pipe lines.  Every 1000 hours this procedure should be repeated and after longer hours, as mentioned in further detail within PFS maintanence manuals, times arrive when one should do a complete change of service fluid and filter replacment.