Our Applications

The following are just some of the thousands of industrial applications that Travaini pumps are used around the world. If the application you are looking for is not listed, or you are not sure about a specific application and the pump requirements, please Contact Us by email or call us at 1-800-461-2611.

Chucking & Lifting 1 Vacuum pick-up, handling Glass, sheet products, small parts, auto windshields, aircraft surfaces,
Cooking Reduces cooking/boiling temperature through loss of pressure Jams, candy, chemicals
Cooling & Chilling Rapid evaporation of moisture content Fruits and vegetables
Dehydration Removal of condensable vapours Transformers, refrigeration systems, foods, chemicals, electrical cables and conduits ,grain, textiles, ink and dyes, rotary dryers
Deodorization Removal of offensive gases Chemicals, food products, effluent processing
Dewatering Removal of moisture Mineral processing, paper manufacture
Distillation Vacuum extraction of fractions Chemicals, petroleum, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products
Evacuation Removal of vapours and gases Environmental chambers, steam condensers lasers, leak chambers, reactors, proces vessels, central vacuum systems
Evisceration Removal of viscera Poultry, fish, shellfish
Filling Removal of trapped air, increased filling speed Cooling and hydraulic systems, food and beverage containers, electrical transformers, liquid transfer systems, pharmaceuticals ,mineral processing
Freeze Drying Removal of moisture by sublimation under vacuum Coffee, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, food products
Impregnation Removal of vapours and gases, food flavouring Cables, metal products, wood products
Packaging & Sealing Evacuation of film and blister packages, bottles, cans and jars Meat, poultry, hardware, food products, canned and bottle products
Puffing Increase volume of plastic materials by evolution of volatiles or expansion of trapped bubbles Plastics, rubber, food products
Vacuum Cooking Reductions of cooking or boiling temperature by lowering pressure in vessel Food, candy, chemicals
Vacuum Conveying Transport of toxic/valuable commodities under vacuum Grain, food and minerals
Altitude Chambers Reduce pressures to similate high altitude Aeronautical Industy
Humidification Vacuum extraction of air and replacement with steam Agriculture, Tobacco
Glass manufacturing evacuation of glass moulds, vacuum cooling Automotive, windows, bottle manufacturing,
Vacuum Priming / Water Box Priming System, Maintains higher cooling, Removal of air from consender to stop air locks & Maintaining level of Waterbox Power Plant Water Box Priming
Vacuum Condensing & Exhausting Vital lowering of air leakages to allow maximum conversion and recycling of energy; Lowering of turbine back pressure Power Plants and Generators
Cooling Water Transfer Feed For condensation of Steam, heat is removed using cooling water pressurized by centrifugal pumps Supply condensers in Power Plants, Water into condenser to cool, and also Water out of condenser to Water Treatment phase
Fuel Transfer Transporting gas & oil – Boilers receive fuel to be burned and provide steam for energy conversion; Pumping fuel from trucks to tanks and back Boiler Rooms, Power Plants, Gas Stations