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All seems to be running well, no problems. Replacement pump was needed, we had it in 2 days. Repaired our pump in 1 week. Fast service, fast problem solving, great customer service
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Can Overheating Shut Down a Pump?

A pump is used for many industries today, so knowing the right way to care for them is important for the success of any business that uses a pump. A pump can easily overheat, which can cause it to shut down. This can be a problem for the user of this pump. The […]

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Is the Horsepower of Your Pump Running Too High?

When it comes to vacuum pumps, many people believe that the higher the horsepower, the better the rate of pressure or flow. They believe that even if the pump is the same and has the same diameter, a higher horsepower means that the pump will work better. However, this is not how centrifugal […]

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How to Achieve Maximum Efficiency in Mining Application

When it comes to mining applications, the wrong pump can negatively affect the entire result. Handling slurry takes up about 15 percent of a typical ore concentrator’s budget. This is a significant number for the ore concentrator. Unfortunately, while slurry handling takes up a significant part of a company’s time, many companies do not spend […]

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Reasons Why Your Pump Is Drawing Too Much Electricity

When it comes to pumps, you may be surprised at how much energy they use. They account for up to 10 percent of the energy used in the world. According to Grundfos Energy, two-thirds of centrifugal pumps today use up too much energy.

There are many reasons that your centrifugal vacuum pump may be using too […]

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Tips for Safely Using Slurry and Sludge Pumps

Slurry and sludge pumps handle significant volumes of liquids containing soft and hard solids, such as human waste, twigs, sand, ash slurry, crude oil, leaves, and mud. Its internal components also do not experience any damage.


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A Mandatory Checklist for Pump Maintenance

When it comes to proper maintenance, it’s important for owners of liquid ring vacuum pumps to know what signs of trouble to look for and the appropriate action to take. With proper maintenance, not only will your equipment perform optimally but also provide many years of reliable service. Of course, the best scenario is to […]

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Vacuum Pumps – The Workhorses of Various Industrial Processes

While you may have heard about vacuum pumps, you probably still have a ton of questions. For instance, you’ll likely want to know about the order of operations, maintenance, and even vacuum pump repair. Regardless of what you end up needing, you’ll find that this equipment is an incredible option.

Remember, the most important decision you […]

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Maintenance Tips for Your Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

When it comes to a rotary vane vacuum pump, a little bit of maintenance will ensure long-lasting performance. Ultimately, that means avoiding costly downtime. What it comes down to is that with proper maintenance, this equipment will provide years of consistent service. However, for that to happen, people must take the right steps when caring […]

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Need a Vacuum Pump? Choose the One That Suits Your Needs

When it comes to pumps, there are many types available for a variety of applications. Different industries have unique needs for the vacuum pumps they utilize. Because there are so many factors involved, it’s essential that you work with one of the best pump manufacturers in Canada. That way, you’ll have professional input and guidance […]

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Horizontal Vs. Vertical: Which Centrifugal Pumps to Choose?

As part of your research about centrifugal pumps, you need to determine whether a horizontal or vertical design would work best for your specific needs. Although both of these operate in much the same way, there are distinct differences. The information provided will help. Of course, when working with a reputable manufacturing company, you can […]

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