Centrifugal Hot Oil Pumps


The Hot Oil Centrifugal pumps TCD /2-R/A3 SP standard pumps (figure 1) are designed to handle thermal fluids up to 320 ˚C without special cooling systems. In these Hot Oil Pumps the heat from the pumped product is greatly blocked by a special “heat barrier” chamber located between the pump casing and the impeller. With superior design improvements these pumps are also effectively used as Hot oil circulation pump & Hot oil transfer pump. The bearing frame has been especially designed with cooling fins to effectively dissipate the heat coming from the pump casing so that a standard single mechanical seal and support frame with oil lubrication can be safely used.

The construction design of TCD Hot Oil Pumps with Active Cooling (figure 2) allows the pumps series TCD /2-R/A3 SP/XT to operate at higher temperatures (365°C) compared to the standard /A3 SP. The heat coming from the pumped medium can be lowered even further by combining the use of an axial vortex fan which, by routing the air in a direct way on the external surface of the bearing housing, further eases the thermal exchange with the environment.

The Thermal oil pump TCD /2-R/A3 SP pump series, in all types of constructions, have an auxiliary seal chamber (figure 3) containing barrier oil which is compatible with the pumped oil. In case of a mechanical seal breakdown, this device avoids air getting into the pump (it would be blocked by the barrier oil), and avoids that the lubricating oil of the bearing get into the pumping circuit or vice versa. The TCD /2 R/A3 SP/XT pumps with Active Cooling are always supplied, for safety, with barrier oil in the auxiliary seal chamber to prevent any dry running of the radial seal lips (lip seal). The oil barrier OLEODIN 100 is the same oil used for bearings lubrication. TCD /2-R/A3-SP group 1 – Oil quantity 4.5 ml. TCD /2-R/A3-SP group 2 – Oil quantity 8.5 ml.

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To 2500 USGPM (570 m3/h)
To 470 feet (143 m)
To 689°F (365°C)
Casing pressure
232 PSI (16 Bar) to 284°F (120°C)
150 PSI (10 Bar) to 608°F (320°C)
Inlet pressure
116 PSIG (8 Bar) MAXIMUM
To 1400 SSU
Sealing method
Two shaft seals in series
A mechanical seal for process oil and a radial shaft seal for bearings lubricating oil


Item Designation
102 Volute casing
163 Casing cover
167 Cooling plate
210 Shaft
230 Impeller
320 Ball bearing
330 Bearing housing
421.1 Radial shaft seal
432.2 Mechanical seal
502 Wear plug
643 Filling plug
903.4 Drain plrg


102 Volute casing Ductile iron
163 Casing cover
167 Cooling plate
210 Shaft AISI 420 SS
230 Impeller Cast iron
330 Bearing housing
433.2 Mechanical seal SiC / Carbon / Viton
502 Wear ring Cast iron