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All seems to be running well, no problems. Replacement pump was needed, we had it in 2 days. Repaired our pump in 1 week. Fast service, fast problem solving, great customer service
A. Giuliani
///High Pressure Liquid Ring Compressors

High Pressure Liquid Ring Compressors

The Travaini double acting liquid ring compressor series SAO provide high pressures up to 155 PSIG. These compressors can provide oil free instrument air and oil free breathing air for medical industries, as well as oil free air for laboratories and pharmaceutical industry to name a few. Travaini liquid ring compressors produce cool and relatively dry compressed air with no after cooler required. The compressors require very little maintenance due to the absence of reciprocating parts such as pistons and valves. Use of complicated and expensive air purification equipment is not needed with the use of these compressors. Liquid ring compressors in conjunction with desiccant type air driers deliver quality breathing air for hospital applications

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Model Capacity CFM Max.Pressure PSIG HP / Speed MotorSpec. SheetPerformance CurveDrawings
SAO E3U30-3915020-30/3500arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001
SAO G2D50-6511520-40/3500arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001 2015-10-01_0929_001
SAO G2G65-10511530-50/3500arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001 2015-10-01_0929_001