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Here is what some of our Customers have said:

We have tried other pumps but have found them to be less efficient and less effective. Travaini pumps are our pump of choice because of their consistent strength with regards to performance and durability.

Premier Fluids is our vendor of choice when it comes to buying pumps. We have been consistently and happily using Premier Fluids as our sole pump supplier for over three years now. We at KMI Pulp Machines Inc. have found Premier Fluids to be completely committed to fully understanding our needs when it comes to their product lines. We are excited to have found a pump supplier whose devotion to outstanding service and delivery is unmatched.
Don Kennedy
KMI Pulp Machines Inc.

Don Kennedy
KMI Pulp Machines Inc

All seems to be running well, no problems. Replacement pump was needed, we had it in 2 days. Repaired our pump in 1 week. Fast service, fast problem solving, great customer service

A. Giuliani

“We are very happy with the level of customer service and maintenance which we receive from Premier Fluid Systems.”

Quality of product – Rating 1, Exceeds expectations
Service Reliability – Rating 1, Exceeds expectations
Delivery – Rating 1, Exceeds expectations
Price – Rating 2, Meets expectations
Overall Rating 1, Exceeds expectations

Frendel Kitchens

“We have now been running our new Travaini vacuum pump for two months continuously for 24 hours, 6 days week. While 2 months doesn’t seem long to judge its performance, I would just like you to know how very please we are with it.
Buts most of all, I thank you for the concern and your great effort to provide me with a vacuum pump when I desperately needed one. You have no competition when it comes to supply and service. Your attitude and assistance to me when I needed help is to be commended.
I can assure you that my next pump or pumps will be Travaini, and a copy of this letter will be sent to our plant managers across Canada.”

Again thank-you so very much.


Frank Hudson, Maintenance Mana
Innova Envolope

In our Business having reliable equipment and minimizing down time is very important. As breakdown can result in lost production and revenue.

“Recently our Nash vacuum pump broke down. This left us in a situation that could have resulted in several months delay in getting the equipment fixed. Fortunately Premier Fluid Systems stocks Travaini Vacuum Pumps. We were able to pick up the pump the same day and install it over the weekend. Resulting in a minimum down time. To our pleasure the pump cost less than the cost to repair our old pump.

Since installing the pump it has performed without any trouble. It has actually allowed us to increase our production in that area. It’s comforting to know that if we do have a break down Premier Fluid Systems will provide a pump until ours is repaired.

In conclusion I would recommend Premier Fluid Systems to anyone who requires reliable equipment.”


B. Sowdaey, Plant Engineer

“We installed our first Travaini pump more than two years ago…and we haven’t touched it since. Travaini liquid ring vacuum pumps have outperformed the others”.
David Maggs

The company, a leader in the molded expanded polystyrene parts business, utilizes liquid ring vacuum pumps for mold evacuation.
The service life experience with two other manufactures of competitive liquid ring vacuum pumps was 1-1/2 years and less

“Before we switched to TRAVAINI vacuum pumps, leaking shafts required frequent attention and then within a year and a half holes appeared in the pump bodies requiring more attention and expense.
The integrated design of the Travaini pump which is supplied standard with mechanical shaft sealing has saved our company both time and money.
Our future requirements for vacuum pumps will be filled with Travaini Pumps.”

David Maggs, Plant Manager
Newdon Industries