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All seems to be running well, no problems. Replacement pump was needed, we had it in 2 days. Repaired our pump in 1 week. Fast service, fast problem solving, great customer service
A. Giuliani
///Full Recovery Water Sealed Single Stage LRVP

Full Recovery Water Sealed Single Stage LRVP

PFS Vacuum pump systems which are designed and tested to ISO 9001-2008 quality standards can be with once through or partial recovery of service liquid water.  Ranging from compact small sizes to larger centralized packaged vacuum systems.  Whatever the application you require for vacuum, our engineering capabilities and vast experience with vacuum pumps and systems allows us to provide or custom designed a vacuum system that best suits your needs.  Industries where our vacuum systems are used include hospitals, pharmaceutical, printing and paper converting, food and meat processing, plastics, automotive and aircraft, word working, electronics and semi conduction, solvent and vapour recovery, soil remediation and drainage, sterilization and impregnation, and this is only to name a few.

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 Model  Capacity CFM AT 20" Hg.V  Max.Pressure InHg Vac/Torr  HP / Speed MotorSpec. SheetPerformance Curve
HP 2-20S-SFR1426/1001.5/3500arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 2-20M-SFR2028.8/301.5/3500arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 2-38S-SFR3026/1003/3500arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 2-40M-SFR3529/253/3500arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 4-40S-SFR3826/1003/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 2-50M-SFR5229/255/3500arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 4-70V-SFR7029/255/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 4-70S-SFR7026/1005/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 4-70M-SFR7029/255/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 4-100S-SFR9626/1007.5/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 4-100M-SFR10029/257.5/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 4-100V-SFR10229/257.5/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 4-150M-SFR14529/2510/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 5-150S-SFR15025.2/12010/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 5-200V-SFR20029/2515/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 5-150V-SFR14529/2510/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
HP 5-300V-SFR30029/2520/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
TRW 400S-SFR35026/10025/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
TRW 500S-SFR48026/10040/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
TRW 600X-SFR57529/2540/1750arrww2015-10-01_0929
TRW 700S-SFR70024/15050/960arrww2015-10-01_0929
TRW 900S-SFR95024/15060/960arrww2015-10-01_0929