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All seems to be running well, no problems. Replacement pump was needed, we had it in 2 days. Repaired our pump in 1 week. Fast service, fast problem solving, great customer service
A. Giuliani
///Multi-Stage Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Multi-Stage Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Travaini Multi-stage self priming centrifugal pumps series TBH with horizontal mounting, top suction and discharge flanges are capable of handling mixtures of gas and clean non abrasive liquids. The centrifugal pump Series TBH is suitable to handle clean liquids, corrosives, hot or cold in the chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries. Other applications include removal of condensates and distilled liquids, solvents and liquefied gases, boiler feed applications, fire systems and autoclaves, just to name a few. The self priming pumps utilize the lateral channel principal with open “star” type impeller that is hydraulically balanced, enclosed between the port plates

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ModelCapacity USGPMMax.Pressure Head-FeetHP / Speed MotorSpec. SheetPerformance CurveDrawings
TBH 2002-1240-7001-8/1750arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001
TBH 2903-2050-8751-12/1750arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001
TBH 3005-2550-7252-15/1750arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001
TBH 31019-4030-7252-15/1750arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001
TBH 40030-6060-9705-30/1750arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001
TBH 50055-10540-9757.5-60/1750arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001
TBH 65090-19040-105025-100/1750arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001
TBH 1000170-35070-44025-75/1750arrww2015-10-01_09292015-10-01_0929_001