These maintenance free air cooled small and compact pumps and compressors come in different designs such as piston, diaphragm and rotary vane pumps.  The micro piston and diaphragm pumps can be used as vacuum and/or compressors as well.  All mini pumps series are available with A.C. singe phase or D.C. motors and can be connected in parallel or in series to increase flow or pressure.

Model  Capacity
In. Hg Vac/Torr
  HP / Speed
Spec. SheetPerformance CurveDrawings
M41S D.C.8.529/25arrww2015-10-01_0929
P39S A.C.10.522/201arrww2015-10-01_0929
M41S A.C.9.529/25arrww2015-10-01_0929
P39S D.C.1022/201arrww2015-10-01_0929
M41D D.C.1729/25arrww2015-10-01_0929
P37D D.C.2327/74arrww2015-10-01_0929
M41BX A.C.1929/25arrww2015-10-01_0929
P37D A.C.2127/74arrww2015-10-01_0929
M71S A.C.3727/75arrww2015-10-01_0929
M71S D.C.3427/75arrww2015-10-01_0929
M71BX D.C.3429.9/12arrww2015-10-01_0929
M71BX A.C.6829.9/12arrww2015-10-01_0929
R10S D.C.9.525.5/112arrww2015-10-01_0929
R15S D.C.10.525.5/112arrww2015-10-01_0929
R15S A.C.11.525.5/112arrww2015-10-01_0929
R19S D.C.12.525.5/112arrww2015-10-01_0929
R19S A.C.1425.5/112arrww2015-10-01_0929
R15D D.C.2029/25arrww2015-10-01_0929
R15D A.C.2329/25arrww2015-10-01_0929
R19D D.C.2429/25arrww2015-10-01_0929
R19D A.C.2725.5/112arrww2015-10-01_0929

For Pump Sectional Drawings & Spare Parts Lists, please refer to Engineering Data” section.