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All seems to be running well, no problems. Replacement pump was needed, we had it in 2 days. Repaired our pump in 1 week. Fast service, fast problem solving, great customer service
A. Giuliani

TCH 100-200~315

Capacity USGPM  : 1800
Max.Pressure Head-Feet : 35-450

Product Description

HEAD : 35 to 450 FT.
FEATURES : Oversized 316SS shaft to minimize deflection and vibrations for optimal mechanical seal life; positive bearing locking; Oversized bearings to handle both axial and radial loads; Volute cover and bearing housing designed as “Back Pull-Out” assembly for ease of servicing;Generous oil capacity for positive lubrication of the submerged bearings;Magnetic plug to trap metallic impurities from the oil; Corrosion allowance in excess of 3mm; High hydraulic efficiency and low NRSH requiredments; Safety, durability, lower operating NPSH requirements; Safety, durability, lower operating costs; Optional cooling water jacket design.
SHAFT SEALING : Crane 502 carbon/ SiCar/ Viton single mechanical sealstandard, Other available, inculuding double seals,
OPTION : Bareshaft – Directly coupled to electric motor mounted on baseplate.
TEMPERATURE LIMITS : GS $ RA: Min, -20'C; Max. 280'C (Except for water) A3,HC & DU; Min. -40'C; Max. 280'C (Except for water

MAX DISCHARGE PRESS : 232 PSI (16 bar) to 248'F (120'C) 170 PSI (11 bar) to 536'F(280'C
FLANGES : UNI 2223-2229 Drilled to ANSI B1 6.5 (Class 150))


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