Product Description

Vacuum priming system is designed for heavy continuous
operation. The unit is factory assembled on a horizontal
mounted vacuum tank, manufactured and inspected in
accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.
• Vacuum pump & motor, either rotary vane oil
lubricated or Liquid ring vacuum pump.
• Electric control and motor starter panel.
• Vacuum receiver comes in different sizes, vacuum
pump size dependant. Receiver complete with
1/60/110 water level switch to shut-down pump if
excessive water is accumulated, manual water
draining valve, vacuum gauge and water level gauge.
Inlet vacuum piping for pump includes a vacuum type Picture may vary for some models
check valve and flexible connector.
• The total assembly is factory piped, tested, primed and painted with industrial type quality
enamel blue paint.
Options: Vacuum pump and receiver material, vacuum switch for auto start / stop and any additional
control devices as per customer request.
Accessories: Priming valve.
Pump technical data: see corresponding pump data sheet.