RFQ Mixers

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Application Description:

Operational Data (Check all that apply):

 Blending miscible liquids Solids Suspension Gas Dispersion Wetting-out Dispersing immiscible liquid Chemical reaction Dissolving Heat exchange Other:

Result Desired (What mixer must accomplish):

Is this mixing application presently in operation?  Yes No

Vessel (V) or Pipe (P):  V P

If YES, present set-up: Agitator (A) or Static (S):  A S

Is present mixer performing well?  Yes No

Present batch size:

Motor specifications (Volts, amps, phase, Hp.):

Impellers on existing mixer (describe & check box below):

 Propeller Turbine Other

Number of impellers used:


Desired improvements:

Mixer type required: Agitator (A) or Static (S):

Level of Agitation Desired:
 Suspension Mild Moderate Vigorous Violent

Continuous (GPM):

Retention Time:

Batch mixing time:

Normal Batch (gal.):

Largest Batch (gal.):

Smallest Batch (gal.):

Do you wish mixer sizing for normal or maximum batch size?
 Yes No


  Type Relative % Sp. Gr. Viscosity (cps) Temp F
Component #1
Component #2
Component #3  
Final Mix

Description of Solids (if present):

Particle size/sieve analysis:

Check one:
 Uniform suspension required Prevent settling only

Mixer Seal:
 Shaft seal necessary Seal not necessary

Design pressure:

(psig) at Temperature ⁰F :

Please give details of preferred type of seal, including special material requirements:

Tank Dimensions & Data: Diameter:  Vertical cylindrical Horizontal cylindrical

Overall length (incl. heads):

Straight sides:

Top Shape:  Open or loose cover Closed

Bottom Shape:  Flat Dish

Rectangular or square tank,




Headroom: (inches)

Baffled (how many):


Mounting:  Beam Nozzle

Flange description:

Is steady bearing permitted:  Yes No

Opening to pass impeller:

Mixer operational when  Filled Empty?

Describe any heating coils or cooling requirements:

If Pipe:  Yes No



Orientation:Vertical (V) or Horizontal (H)  V H

Gearbox Data: Type:
 Helical Helical/bevel Worm

Material of construction (wetted parts in contact with product):

Electrical Data: Voltage:



Additional Specifications:

Drawing: Please attcah a detailed drawing showing all items and relevant dimensions