Our Services

Premier Fluid Systems Inc. provides solutions from the original concept & design to after-sale service and support. “As a customer of PFS, you can be confident that we will provide and service you with the maximum personal care and commitment.” — Please view some of the testimonials and feedback customers have provided us on the quality and reliability of our products and services. See Locations of Premier Fluid Systems and Travaini representatives if servicing of your pumps, compressors or systems is required in your area.
Services offered by Premier Fluid Systems include:

Field technical support for pumps and systems from qualified pump technicians and engineers, as well as technical support, superior pump knowledge and experience available to you from the entire Pompetravaini Group when required.
Full or partial support if required by customer often includes installation and start-up of vacuum systems or vacuum pumps, liquid handling pumps and/or rotary vane pumps.
Field engineers and sales technicians to educate you on the Premier Fluid Systems product line and technologies and how they can aid in your operations.
Full repair services at low costs and downtime, for pumps and systems of Travaini, PVR-Rotant and Microvood, as well as ANY OTHER pump including:

Sihi (Sterling)
Dekker (DVT)
Atlantic Fluidics
Elmo (Siemens)
Squire Cogswell
Alpha Laval

Fully equipped facilities to allow for optimal servicing, pump and compressor testing, systems design and customization.
Highly reputable and consistent record in delivering equipment and repairs within stated and required deadlines.
Full Service Contracts structured to the specific requirements of your vacuum and compressor equipment. Structuring of a service contract is done ahead of time with collaboration between yourself and a PFS technical engineer based on the unique operating conditions and applications in which your equipment is being used.A Service contract enables you to relax knowing you have pre-determined maintenance check-ups and servicing scheduled at the optimal times during your vacuum or compressor systems’ operating life cycle, which will insure increasing the longevity of your equipment as much as possible and minimize down time. Consult our engineering department for more information on Service Contracts by phone or email at info@pfspumps.com

Pump, compressor, or system leasing options available