TCMThe series TCM & TCTM of Travaini are of the highest quality, with attractive prices to the chemical and industry in general. Built to Capacity up-to 500 m³/hr, total head of 10 Bar and conforming to the ATEX 94/9/CE Directive & according to ISO standard 2858 and 5199 these sturdy and reliable pumps are available at low price coupled with easy of operation of mono-bloc units. Liquids up-to 140°c can be handled. These pumps can cover a wider range of duties and applications than ordinary mono-block pumps and those pumps which area stamped out of sheet metal.Available in Ductile iron, 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy C and Alloy 20 for resistance to wear and corrosion. Performance is therefore assured for a long life. Shrouded and Vortex type impellers are available to handle either clean or contaminated liquid.

Application: Sterilizing equipment, Chemical industry, Oil,Wine and Beer production plants, Textile industry, Food industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Autoclave plants, Water works & supply, Condensate extraction plants and Water Treatment and more.


Model Spec. Sheet Performance Curve   1750/3500 RPM Drawings
TCTM 32 arrww 2015-10-01_0929 2015-10-01_0929_001
TCTM 40 arrww 2015-10-01_0929 2015-10-01_0929_001
TCTM 50 arrww 2015-10-01_0929 2015-10-01_0929_001
TCTM 65 arrww 2015-10-01_0929 2015-10-01_0929_001
TCTM 80 arrww  2015-10-01_0929 2015-10-01_0929_001
TCTM 100 arrww 2015-10-01_0929 2015-10-01_0929_001