The Bora three-lobe rotor is the evolution of the classic bi-lobe design, shaped like an “eight”. This Bora design ensures higher bending stiffness, and lower pulsation amplitude that consequently reduces vibration. The economic advantage in the bearing life is appreciable. The compressor noise is remarkably decreased as well.

The synchro-gears are case hardened and tempered. Gears are accurately ground to ensure optimal timing. The long addendum in-volute design gives maximum efficiency with virtually silent mechanical operation. This Bora design allows the vacuum blowerss to be installed without a sound canopy.


Model Technical
Curve Dimensions
73 73-103-blowers.pdf BORA_blowers_73_Curve.pdf blowers_73-103_HV_drg.pdf
103 73-103-blowers.pdf BORA_blowers_103_Curve.pdf blowers_73-103_HV_drg.pdf
163 163-1083-blowers.pdf BORA_blowers_163_Curve.pdf blowers_163-1083_HV_drg.pdf
233 163-1083-blowers.pdf BORA_blowers_233_Curve.pdf blowers_163-1083_HV_drg.pdf
293 163-1083-blowers.pdf BORA_blowers_293_Curve.pdf blowers_163-1083_HV_drg.pdf
353 163-1083-blowers.pdf BORA_blowers_353_Curve.pdf blowers_163-1083_HV_drg.pdf
463 163-1083-blowers.pdf BORA_blowers_463_Curve.pdf blowers_163-1083_HV_drg.pdf
673 163-1083-blowers.pdf BORA_blowers_673_Curve.pdf blowers_163-1083_HV_drg.pdf
883 163-1083-blowers.pdf BORA_blowers_883_Curve.pdf blowers_163-1083_HV_drg.pdf